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Back To School – Kids Snacks – Fall River, NS

Kids and Snacks:
What are the best snacks to keep on hand for hungry kids? You want to choose nutritious snack foods — those that are high in fiber and low in fat — but convenience and your
child’s preferences are important factors too.
Your child will be more likely to eat a healthy snack if it’s tasty and easy to make. Keep in mind that kids’ appetites and eating habits vary; what your child likes may not appeal
to another child. The most important thing is to choose a nutritious snack that you can both agree on.
Here are some quick, healthy and nutrient-rich snacks that you and your child may want to chew over:
Low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese and yogurt (regular or frozen).
Fat-free pudding snacks.
Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fruit canned in juice or water.
Frozen juice bars.
Sandwiches made with whole-grain bread, lean meat and reduced-fat or fat-free
Chips (baked, not fried).
Bagels (preferably whole-grain).
Dry whole-grain cereals (Cheerios, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, Quaker
As a general guideline, it’s OK for kids to eat a healthy snack every three to four hours.
Children should snack only if they’re hungry, though — not because they are feeling
bored or craving a certain food. Discourage snacking right before mealtimes. Balance all
eating with a bit of physical activity.
Talk to one of your Fall River Guardian Pharmacists about healthy eating for your child.

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We are happy to announce our first online coupon promotion.  The coupon entitles you to a 15% discount on all Rexall Brand products that are not currently on sale.  Offer is not valid with any other discount (Seniors Discount for example).

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Lockview High School is the high school for students in the Fall River, NS area.  The high school is located on Lockview Drive not far from the main center of Fall River and like the Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School and the Georges P. Vanier Junior High Schools, it is close to our pharmacy (1470 Fall River Road).

Lockview High School

148 Lockview Road

Fall River, Nova Scotia

B2T 1J1

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There is one Junior High School in the Fall River, NS area and it is the Georges P. Vanier Junior High School.  According the website,

Georges P. Vanier Jr. High is a Grade 7-8 only school of approximately 450 students.  About half of our students take part in the Late French Immersion program.  The electives offered include Band at the Grade 7 and 8 levels, Family Studies at Grade 7 and Art at Grade 8.  We offer an Enrichment Cluster twice a year in which students participate in Outcomes based activities in areas that are of interest to them.  These may include dance, photography, cooking, a variety of sports activities, drama, etc.  We have an extensive extracurricular sports program; as well as, other clubs which include Art, Peer Helpers for French Immersion students, chess, etc.

The school is located right in Fall River, Nova Scotia not far from our pharmacy on Fall River Rd (We’re 1470 Fall River Rd and the Junior High is 1410 Fall River Rd).  Contact information is below for the school:

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With the first day of school for the 2010-2011 school year just around the corner, please be careful driving on the roads.  The first day is Thursday September 2, 2010.
There are a two elementary schools in the Fall River area.
The elementary schools are Ash Lee Jefferson serving the Fall River area and Holland Road Elementary which serves Lake Fletcher, Wellington, and parts of Fall River.
10 Lockview Road
Fall River, Nova Scotia
B2T 1J1
181 Holland Rd
Lake Fletcher
B2T 1A1
(902) 860-4170

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Local hockey player Ryan Penny of Fall River is getting some attention at the Moncton Wildcats training camp this week.  Penny, who is from Fall River, is hoping to make his QMJHL debut tonight for Moncton.  Good luck Ryan!

Read the full article here.

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The Windsor Junction Community Center has a website available for updates on programs and activities.  You can view updates regarding cancellations for swimming lessons and other information here.

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